NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 6

Chapter 6 ~ Magic Training

While I was talking with Sergeant dono, Shira chan suddenly came over. Somehow, with a troubled face, she said something about Will, and I decided to leave my seat and went to observe the situation.

When I got at the living room, I find Ellie, Lilia, as well Will are there.

“Big bro~”

Will, who noticed my presence was crying.

“What’s wrong? Did Shira mess you up?”

He seems to be crying genuinely over something.

“He was kicked out by his party member.”

I feel confused after hearing Ellie’s words. I thought he has settled things with his party members……

“Didn’t you reconcile with your comrades?”

“I did~”

Here is the summary of what happened.

In brief, the quarrel stems from the fact that Will and his friends are newcomers who have just become adventurers. Will however, had been instructed at his parents’ home, has outstanding skill, and due to him accepting a dangerous mission for the sake of making money, one of his party members was injured as the result. Well, Will criteria is quite harsh on an average newcomer……

I mean, it is pretty crazy to go kill an ogre, thus his progress is regressed.

Since then, it has been only dispute and quarrel, one after another. He has been moving independently from the rest during our time in Royal Capital, and they were supposed to make up.

Next is what happened earlier. During the time when Shira chan and Will were having a match, his comrades arrived at the party that he himself invited them over.

It was this moment when Will made his power up through the Blessing widely known.

Will was not that strong because he concealed his ability, and that caused one of their members to get injured!

This feeling was what caused the backlash.

Yet, it is entirely untrue to say that the Blessing is the sole reason for him becoming strong.

9 thoughts on “NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 6

    1. I’m pretty sure that increasing your physical fitness will reduce the amount of care you will need, and is a good idea all around. I don’t think it will replace that which your body is incapable of producing in it’s entirety though. But good health always starts from healthy practices. Good on you, and stay hydrated.


  1. Seriously… why add him to the party? Just say no you pussy MC.

    Honestly, it wasn’t that hard. In fact, he shouldn’t have added this boy to begin with.

    I mean, why do we read harem series? For more guys???

    Thanks for the chapter XD


  2. Error?
    Will role is to be the shield like Shira chan. -> Will’s role is to be the shield like Shira chan.

    Will need to don equipment -> Will needs to don equipment

    Will party is supposed to attend -> Will’s party is supposed to attend

    Thanks for the treat, and stay safe.


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