NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 6

I want to refute his statement, but then I realized that he looks really happy. I checked his loyalty, and it has risen.

But even after this guy’s loyalty has risen, all I felt is void……

“Don’t get too carried away. I’ll make you serve as the shield for my party.”

Nah. I’ll him just like the usual. By carefully observing his facial, I can earn and maintained his loyalty.

Will role is to be the shield like Shira chan. This way, her burden is lessened.

 “Another thing, don’t you cause any problem with your household.”

“That is a given. I will not even think about doing it!”

I have a feeling that this guy’s guarantee does not mean jack……even if he was to find a safe method to send letter to his household, I feel like it could still be traced and found sooner or later. Hence, it is better to avoid from doing unnecessary thing.

For the time being, I am planning to halt my plan to drop by the Imperial capital. Instead, I will go through the direction of the Empire’s remote region.

“Firstly, Will need to don equipment that complement his skillset.”

 For a human, I wonder if it is better for us to find one at the Elf Country, or rather will the Royal Capital have better selections? Either way, I think it is better to go to the elf’s blacksmith when ordering customized equipment.

Will does not feel like partying anymore, so we immediately head out to buy him a full plate.

“Isn’t this what was called as pre-established harmony?”

“Right, correct. People are drawn towards hero naturally.”

A hero. I think Will is more suitable for that role more than I am.

The prince who has hidden his identity, ended up saving a ruined country. Yeah, that sounds dramatic.


While I was serving as Will’s opponent, the time for our party has come.

“Today, I would like to thank you all for coming to Sati’s victory party.”

The party started with Ellie’s welcoming speech.

“It is truly a shame that Masaru was defeated in the first round of the final, but against her adversaries, Sati has wonderfully——”

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    1. I’m pretty sure that increasing your physical fitness will reduce the amount of care you will need, and is a good idea all around. I don’t think it will replace that which your body is incapable of producing in it’s entirety though. But good health always starts from healthy practices. Good on you, and stay hydrated.


  1. Seriously… why add him to the party? Just say no you pussy MC.

    Honestly, it wasn’t that hard. In fact, he shouldn’t have added this boy to begin with.

    I mean, why do we read harem series? For more guys???

    Thanks for the chapter XD


  2. Error?
    Will role is to be the shield like Shira chan. -> Will’s role is to be the shield like Shira chan.

    Will need to don equipment -> Will needs to don equipment

    Will party is supposed to attend -> Will’s party is supposed to attend

    Thanks for the treat, and stay safe.


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