NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 7

Chapter 7 ~ A Parting Gift from Sergeant Dono

As for Crook and Silva, who remained to stay a night at the Elf mansion, I showed to them a general magic demonstration that night. Then, early next morning, I held another special training using Air Hammer. Since there isn’t any significant result achieved, the training ended once Crook has given up.

 Shall we take a short break and continue in the afternoon? The two refused when they heard that.

Standing still and only catching Air Hammer is a hard penance for them. I wouldn’t even wanted to do it if only not for Lazard san instruction.

“Was Lazard san normally trained this hard?”

“I cannot do it without a healer.”

Is that so? Compared to using potion, I guess hiring a healer is much cheaper.

“I can’t do it anymore.”

Perhaps all the strength in their legs faded once we announce the training has ended, Silva, who had been trying hard until the end, plop down dead tired.

Lastly, I demonstrated a magic.

“What do you think?”

“As expected, I don’t get it.”

Was the training period too short, or was it due to them being untalented?

Or was it because I made the Air Hammer too weak? If it was set to become powerful enough that you don’t know whether they can take alive or not, then maybe they will activate their Magic Sense due to the danger threatening their life.

I put a boulder in front of them while they are resting. I shoot a normal powered Air Hammer from a distance.

“It really is impressive when you’re serious.”

Crook said, after witnessing the rock getting destroyed by the Air Hammer power.

Serious talk, the power is abnormally high. Wouldn’t the boulder be erased if I put more mana?

“I think it’s the sense of crisis that these two are lacking. Why don’t you try it again, this time with that much power?”

“I mean, no way in hell. I don’t want to forfeit my life yet……”

Said Crook, while Silva silently shook his head. Speaking of which, this training was for the sake of making them popular.

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