NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 6

“If you had collected that much money, wouldn’t it be possible for you to retire as adventurer?”

“It is not that I cannot……I just have my own worries, still.”

“Will you become a farmer after you retire? In that case, how about taking a piece of farmland that I’d divide?”

“Do you have extra?”

“I don’t have much land to be cleared anymore, but the land itself still has plenty of room.”

“Cultivating new land, huh. Must be far.”

“It may be far, but it’s not too much trouble because we all work together at once. How about you, Silva?”

“I’m not that old to think about retirement, so for the time being I will continue this job.”

Crook is showing some interest, but Silva doesn’t seem to bite. Don’t you want to retire unconditionally now that you have money?

“It hasn’t been a year since we became adventurers, right? Besides, making money over gambling doesn’t sound honourable.”

I don’t think it’s something that you need to think too much about. But honour is something important, indeed.

In this world, especially people from rural community, people gather and help each other to live, in a way unknown to me.

“At least, I don’t have a reason such as bringing my wife back home. Masaru, are you acquainted with any young women?”

“My village is in the process of being cultivated, there isn’t anyone besides married couple or some lads.”

After two or three years later, once our agricultural land has become stable, I’m sure that there will be mass marriage meeting. It seems that they will look for a suitable wife from around neighbourhood. I mean, me.

Why must I be the one to search for them, or so I thought. Unless I do it, the village will be full of single man, and I will be troubled in the future.

Well, I may be the top person in name only, but I will leave the matter to Olba san, who is acting as the deputy mayor, or let Ellie do it.

“Masaru sure have it nice. You have five beautiful wives by your side.”

My bad. The count has increased to six people starting yesterday. But I better keep it silent. We aren’t officially married yet, so it’s still too early to tell these guys.

“How can I get that popular?”

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    1. I’m pretty sure that increasing your physical fitness will reduce the amount of care you will need, and is a good idea all around. I don’t think it will replace that which your body is incapable of producing in it’s entirety though. But good health always starts from healthy practices. Good on you, and stay hydrated.


  1. Seriously… why add him to the party? Just say no you pussy MC.

    Honestly, it wasn’t that hard. In fact, he shouldn’t have added this boy to begin with.

    I mean, why do we read harem series? For more guys???

    Thanks for the chapter XD


  2. Error?
    Will role is to be the shield like Shira chan. -> Will’s role is to be the shield like Shira chan.

    Will need to don equipment -> Will needs to don equipment

    Will party is supposed to attend -> Will’s party is supposed to attend

    Thanks for the treat, and stay safe.


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