NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 6

Ellie continues her welcoming speech with great vigour.

“——it was decided that her achievements will be recognized, and her rank will increase to rank A as a result. In the future——”


If leave alone, I bet she can easily talk for an hour by herself. Moreover, despite the proper welcoming speech, the only outsider in this party are Sergeant dono and Lazard san. Will party is supposed to attend this party too, but……

Well, it’s just because we have just arrived at the Royal Capital and we still don’t know anyone, you know? There are also a lot of elves that attend too, right?

It would have been great if I returned to the Shiori town or my village, but oh well, this much is enough for me. Ellie’s wish is, to invite the influential elf noble to spread our good name.

“Oh my, is that true? In that case, congratulation Sati for becoming a winner!”


Without delay, Lazard san had a discussion with Sati, asking what her impressions for battle against Francesca and battle against Borzola are. Then, Sergeant dono started getting involved in their discussion. That kind of setting makes everything better. That kind of moves are impressive. How do you block against such technique?

Those who likes fighting among the elves and Shira chan, gradually turns noisy and getting absorbed with their discussions.

However, their talks quickly turn detailed and it started to feel tedious, and seeing that the meal is just over there, I pulled Crook and Silva away from the circle. We faced each other at the corner of the room.

“Thanks, Masaru!”

Crook suddenly expressed his gratitude to me. The party started just barely when Will arrived with them. I haven’t talked to them since before the competition.

“Oh? What happened?”

“Just as you said, if you placed your bets on Sati chan, you will win big!”

“Hohō. Did you buy ‘that’?”

Tamara chan was able to buy back herself. If they bet a correct amount, then they should be able to afford cheap slaves.

“I have enough to buy.”

Silva replied seriously towards Crook question.

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    1. I’m pretty sure that increasing your physical fitness will reduce the amount of care you will need, and is a good idea all around. I don’t think it will replace that which your body is incapable of producing in it’s entirety though. But good health always starts from healthy practices. Good on you, and stay hydrated.


  1. Seriously… why add him to the party? Just say no you pussy MC.

    Honestly, it wasn’t that hard. In fact, he shouldn’t have added this boy to begin with.

    I mean, why do we read harem series? For more guys???

    Thanks for the chapter XD


  2. Error?
    Will role is to be the shield like Shira chan. -> Will’s role is to be the shield like Shira chan.

    Will need to don equipment -> Will needs to don equipment

    Will party is supposed to attend -> Will’s party is supposed to attend

    Thanks for the treat, and stay safe.


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