NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 ~ The Strong Bow of Giant Killer

“Wow. So, your party is only consisted of your family members. That sound wonderful.”

“Yes! And so, Ellie sama parent is living in the Empire……”

The Royal Capital gladiator tournament ended with Sati as the victory. Currently, she is participating in a modest closing party at the venue of the competition.

Sati’s angers toward Francesca has already phased out. Once she noticed that Francesca is going to train at the same place, she realized that she has the opportunities any time to settle the score, and the two were talking happily.

As for me, I am accompanying Sati and while drinking and eating the meals, I had a conversation with Borzola.

“I have five years old and three years old kids.”

There is no telling when a soldier will fall in the battlefield. Hence the reason why he poured his efforts to earn for his family whenever he could. Yet, the result is second runner up for two consecutive year.

“The Gladiator Tournament is a favourable opportunity for me.”

It’s part of your job to train when you work as a soldier, but when you focus solely on training, the time you spend with your family is neglected. It is annoying that the harder you work for your family, the more you had to leave your home.

Above all, the precedence is to spend his time with his cute children during their tender age. I see, I understand it too well. After all, your household is the most important thing!

“Eh, 23? We are the same age, then.”

I was surprised to hear Borzola’s age. I thought he is more like an uncle.

“Then, did you get married around the age of 17 or 18?”

“I get married when I was 15.”

Christ that’s early! Even though I have 5 wives, I still get a bit envious.

During the time when he left his rural village to go to the Royal Capital to become a soldier, he proposed to his childhood friend and asked her to follow him.

Nah, I’m honestly envious……

“Pulling me aside, I’m more interested with you. I’ve never heard of your name despite you being an A rank adventurer. Where and what have you done?”

Little is known about me even among the other locals. Well, I definitely don’t want to spread my tale with the Wild Rabbit any more than I had.

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