NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 1

As expected, he is aware of everything that I have reported to the Guild.

“But really, as you expected from Vogt. You truly know how to train excellent fighters.”

“Hmm. So, you are one of Vogt’s disciple. Then I am convinced with that strength.”

So, the distinguished persons said. Sergeant dono strength is famous over here as well.

“I do not teach them that much, let alone to call them my disciples. These people went to train and prove to be on the top all by themselves.”

“No. without the Guild Beginner Short Course training and Sergeant dono guidance, not only would I not grow this strong, I might not even survive till this date at the first place. The only person whom I will call a teacher is unmistakably, Sergeant dono.”

“Do you think it is possible to pull him out from the Adventurer Guild?”

“Did not I say earlier? They are going for adventurers for a while and afterwards, they planned to set up a territory within the Kingdom. In other words, they have works to attend to. Is not that right, Masaru?”

I got it. Since the King takes precedence, the other scouts are not saying anything.

But it’s not yet the final decision, and I’m not in the mood to make a definite decision just yet. Moreover……

“The Royal Kingdom is a great country. I hope we will bury our bones in this country someday.”

I’m already prepared to shed my bones here in another world. I am also pleased with our territory. This place already felt like my home.

However, despite my feeling wanting to inhabit here, I was always left with unsure feeling.

That was probably because I couldn’t see any face that I would like to serve.

“A good country, huh. In that case, I will lead and protect this country, until the time Masaru decided to serve here.”

The King doesn’t seem like a bad person.

“When that time comes, I will thankfully accept.”

With that said, I bowed deeply.

In the future, an era of prosperity will come over to the Kingdom. Until that time, the King will protect this country firmly.


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  1. For those like me using phone and being ignorant of the detail the chapter is full press the numbers in the bottom to go next part


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