NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 1

Ohh, not bad. It is an inscription worthy of the gem made by the elven archer.

“I think that is a great name.”

Borzola who is at the killed side does not has any complaint.

“It was given a pretty good name, Sati.”

“Yes. O’ King, thank you very much!”

When I thought everything was over, suddenly, Borzola spouted out some unnecessary thing while he was returning the bow to me, saying [I want to you pull it too], and all the attention were focused on me at once.

This bow, I have no choice but to pull it seriously now. But I’m not in the mood to do it since I’m hella tired already today.

I need to stop myself from looking at Sati’s face full of anticipation. As a matter of course, I’m capable to pull this bow however, I’m reluctant to flaunt my strength to everyone.

“As I thought, it is impossible.”

Borzola said so when he saw me hesitated. There isn’t any indication or anything, yet he felt that it’s granted for me to be unable to pull the string of the bows. However, Borzola’s word seem to have made Sati a bit frustrated.

“Don’t give me that longing gaze now.”

Taking out this bow truly is a mistake on my part. No other choice now.

I took a deep breath and focus. With a stretching sound, I pulled the bowstring. As I expected, my strength was sap for the day. It feels damn hard.


I pulled the bowstring properly. Were you surprised, Borzola?

Borzola seems to be a little surprised at most, but since this made Sati happy, I concluded that is enough.

“If it’s any other day, then usually I can pull it off easier. For now, my fatigue from yesterday has yet to subside.”

It is time to bring this to closure, was what I thought when I realized that the bow was wet with sweat. The bow is an important tool that is use for saving lives. I took out a cloth and wiped the bow gently…….it was nice that it was given a cool name but, since it is brand new, it feels wasteful to use it like this.

This time, I’ll look for a rock heavy enough that only Sati can lift. No, I think I can show something much better. A super heavy weight sword would appear more impressive, and I’m sure the impact it brings would……aw, shucks. How wondrous would it be if I had made something like that with Earth Magic? I can craft anything I desire, whether it be a sword or something for the purpose of weightlifting.

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  1. For those like me using phone and being ignorant of the detail the chapter is full press the numbers in the bottom to go next part


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