NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 1

“Did you know about the dragon that appear nearby Shiori town about 6 months ago? I am one of the people who participated in the subjugation mission.”

“I haven’t heard of it. I see, a Dragon Slayer, huh?”

It hasn’t caused an uproar since the dragon was immediately found and killed.

“If I wasn’t mistaken, you went to Gorbas Fortress after Shiori town, right?”

That incident huh. Large troops were dispatched from Royal Capital as well, so it must have been a fuss all over the kingdom.

“I went there, I did. I was dispatched with the first team. That incident was one of the toughest one I had to face.”

But I was not involved in battling that much since I was busy doing treatment. Oh, I helped fix the wall too.

“You know, I was the one who repaired the walls there.”

“Speaking of which, I did hear about [an adventurer who happened to be a great Earth Mage] from my comrade.”

It was a plain job but, the observers are watching me intently.

“And so, the adventurer quickly leaves. Anyway, he insisted on doing it all the way to the end. Was that you too?”

It was selfish…or so I thought, and after that the construction for the Third Wall of the rampart started, whereas the military personals were being detained for a long period of time.

It was a bad thing to happen now that I think about it. Right now, I think I can be of help, but at that time, earning experience points was the top priority.

“Recently, there has been a fairly large monster raid in the Elven territory. I helped with the expulsion and due to that I am now ranked higher.”

“So that’s the secret to why you are being treated warmly by the elves. Hey, don’t you dare drinking the strong alcohol yet, okay?”

I reached out to some drinks while we talked, but Borzola stopped me. What now.

“Don’t you know? The bigshots are arriving soon. Surely, you don’t want to be drunk in their presence?”

Leaders of the Royal Army and the top person of the guilds come to greet the King. In other words, this so-called closing party is nothing more than a place for scouting people with potential or to build their social network.

Meh, just leave those guys alone, I’m going to fill my stomach like there is no tomorrow!

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  1. For those like me using phone and being ignorant of the detail the chapter is full press the numbers in the bottom to go next part


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