NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 1

“No, there is yet something good you have yet to show!”

Thus, the King spoke to me in admiration once again.

“It was regrettable today, but you displayed an impressive match yesterday.”

“Right, right. Yesterday was truly an intense battle.”

This time, the target has move to me. As expected, taking out the bow truly is a mistake. It is strange and conspicuous.

“Where was the Adventurer’s Guild hiding such talent?”

I mean, I hid it, I tried really hard to hid it myself, but this seems to be the limit. The Adventurer Guild has a pretty good grasp of my ability, and I’ve told the King a little bit about myself the other day. Even the Shrine is holding some kind of information about me.

Unless I fall in battle or my body has lost its appearance, it’s inevitable for me to be found out sooner or later. How unreasonable would it be for me to keep living the life under the wind without raising any suspicion for so long.

I feel like it’s unnecessary for me to display my strength but, seeing that Sati is a swordsman who appear to be in the same level, I get a feeling that thing will be alright. Perhaps……

“There is nothing being concealed here. They had just recently begun active. Moreover, they were mostly at the frontier, so it is not weird that their deeds have reach no ear.”

I’m grateful to the elves who helped to properly controlling the information. The other party who held the information about us would be the guild, and they seem to be honouring their promise not to leak any information outside.

My magic is on the level that even an elf would call it strange. I don’t want that to be expose just yet.

“Masaru, this is the Royal Kingdom Adventurer Guild, the Chief of the whole guild.”

Then, Sergeant dono introduces me to the person who spoke earlier.

“I am always in the care of the guild.”

After lowering my head with a conditional reflex, I realized that he was one of the distinguished persons. Don’t tell me, this is the person alongside the King who permitted the slavery like Beginner Short Course training? They truly took care of me during that time!

“It is my first time meeting you, but I have heard a lot of stories.”

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  1. For those like me using phone and being ignorant of the detail the chapter is full press the numbers in the bottom to go next part


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