NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 1

“Aren’t you glad. If you and your wife’s true abilities came to light, I’m sure you will be in great demand, no matter where you went!”

I don’t care~ How troublesome~

Shortly after Borzola finished speaking, the entrance became noisier.

“Hey, you should stop eating now. Also, put down the alcohol. These people are all distinguished person, so please don’t show your crudeness.”

The attendant come along and take off the King’s mantle, as well putting on the crown over the full, lightweight dress.

I imitated as Borzola bowed down. The same goes for Francesca and Sati.

“That’s enough. I’m aware that you ladies and gentlemen are tired. Please don’t mind me.”

He said in an absurdly unsuitable manner.

“Borzola, you seemed to miss it this year too.”

“No. It was my strength that was lacking.”

“I want to look at you alongside Sati. Hm……really…”

Looking at them side by side, the difference in their height and body size is tremendous. You will have a hard time believing who the winner is, especially when you see them like this.

“She is an opponent who has beaten Francesca sama. The defeat was due to my own unpreparedness and carelessness.”

The reason he prepared the big shield was as preparation to consolidate his defend against his match with Francesca. He was totally in alert mode.

“There is no mistake, I was overpowered.”

“But from where did Sati drew such a strength?”

Just as Francesca said, even though she has gained significant muscles all this while, she doesn’t look like someone who has that kind of strength at all. The source of her considerable power is most likely the Divine Protection’s Status Boost.

Afterward, someone said they wanted to see her strength.

What will she do? Try lifting something heavy? Or maybe smash an apple? Or tear off stacked paper?

One of the distinguished people, who looked like someone who is related to the army, volunteered and readied their arms. Was he trying to ascertain Sati’s strength by crossing arms?

But naturally, his hand was twisted down all that easily. He was a little older, but his physique was good. He must have been confident in his strength. Good grief, I’m surprised that I wasn’t chosen to become the opponent instead.

Ah, the second person has his hand down as well. Their efforts are mundane.

Once you leave it goes on, then as usual, a line of challengers will likely appear before Sati. After finishing the challenge from an opponent with a grunt face, Sati announced that she is tired for the day.

After Sati is finally released from the human ring surrounded her, I took out her bow from inside the Item Box.

“This bow was specially made by the elves for Sati.”

The bow’s dimension was shortened to match Sati physique however, it was decorated and has the feeling of ruggedness that is adequate for such a strong bow.  The only person who can pull this guy string is either Sati or me. This would serve as a good item to measure strength.

First, I gave it to Sati and asked her to pull it. After that, we asked for the other to continue pulling the bow string. In the meanwhile, Sati will release her grip in safely manner, by slowly releasing the string.

Naturally, it is impossible for them to withdraw especially those distinguished people who have confidence in their physical strength. Even the other contestants who were watching in the surrounding seems to want to challenge it and yet, each of them gave up pulling the string.

In the end, the only one who managed to pull them are Borzola, who attempted it last.

“Hmm hmm. As expected of the Giant Killer. Her strength is extraordinary.”

“A Giant Killer, you say?”

“Ah, my nickname is The Giant. I think the name is given to her because she easily knocked me down.”

It’s true. Even by looking inside Sati’s menu, a title “Giant Killer” was added up.

“This bow is truly wonderful. What? I see, this bow is still not named yet. Then let’s name it [The Strong Bow of Giant Killer]”

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