NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 4

Oh, so Tilika will be my companion today. Both Sati and I were busy with the tournament for the last few days. Does that make her feels lonely?

But it is still early in the morning……

“I will fill you the details regarding the route later. Please take a rest.”

“Masaru, the truth is you still cannot move around too much, right?”

“Take a rest and leave everything to us.”

Looks like yesterday persuasion is effective.

“Well then, I’ll accept the kind words.”

Tilika pulled me to my room.

Will it be fine if I took of my clothes and lies on the bed?

“I’ll massage you.”

When I heard Sati did it, I thought that she must have learnt about it somewhere.

She is starting from my leg……ou, ouc, ouch. It hurts!?

“Your body is in bad shape, hence the pain.”

What kind of foot massage is this!?

“It’s a traditional massage taught by the elf.”

After finishing with the leg, I have her continue doing my whole body. Just like the usual……no, this feels better.

It seems that there is no one doing massage in this world. Recovery Magic is faster and more effective, and that led to it not being a viable business.

And so, in other simpler term, the elves are using it with erotic purpose in mind. Elves, who are long-lived and long-time married couples, have various techniques for spending their fatigue.

“Is there various way?”

“There is. This is a softer technique.”

I see, so from now on the massage will be more erotic. I am looking forward for it.

While I was anticipating how the harder massage will feel, Tilika’s soft massage makes me succumbs to sleep——

I sleep like a log. It was already past lunch when I finally wake up.

As I was groaning, Tilika, who was sleeping next to me, got up.

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  1. Thanks for new chapter.

    Also, did you forgot to put the illustration on this chapter.? The “shira dropping the glass” one.


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