NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 4

The massage was pleasant and relaxing, but there is no ero so my lower body is not even half as satisfied. I have plenty of time. Why not do it?

“Mn, I am hungry……”

Then, Tilika stammered the first thing after she woke up. Well, she was hungry because it is already way past lunchtime.

“I’m feeling hungry too. It won’t be long before dinner, so why don’t we have some light meal?”

“I’ll try to get something. Please wait.”

After having meal, maybe she will continue the massage. Or perhaps, maybe me and Tilika will straight jump into it……

After waiting for a while, the door was knocked, and Sati, Shira chan and Tilika brought in the food. For some reason, Shira is wearing a maid outfit.

“Have you done practicing?”

“Yup. Will collapsed due to using excessive amount of mana.”

He and his always merry personality. What an idiot.

Putting those aside, it is Shira chan in a maid outfit. She always wears her working outfit and her casual wears are lacking in feminity, so this is refreshing. Not to mention, perhaps she was borrowing the outfit from the slimmer elf, but her chests area is tight and more emphasized, which is nice.

“You see……. this is the first time I ever wear something so fluttery……”

“Mnn, yup. You look great.”

Her being shy is also refreshing. What a nice surprise.

Still. Is she looking to serve? She is wearing a maid outfit, and so it is just natural to do so.

For Shira chan who usually works outdoor, this is probably her first time serving as a waiter. Based on what I see, how she does her works is dangerous.

What she has in hand right now is a flaming hot soup. I think, it may be dangerous to let the clumsy Shira chan do this job……

“Wait. I will do it myself……”

“Eh, ah!”

It was a bad decision for me to speak to her from her side while she was concentrating. Shira chan who was distracted from me talking, slipped the bowl of hot soup which she was holding in her hands. And the soup flies to me.

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  1. Thanks for new chapter.

    Also, did you forgot to put the illustration on this chapter.? The “shira dropping the glass” one.


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