NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 ~ Holiday in Royal Capital

The story about our participation in Hilgis was mentioned somewhere during my explanation, and Will suggested that he wanted to tag along with us.

“You rascal, wasn’t it fine for you to go back to Empire while we are out from home? “

“That is……”

Even though Will has gotten stronger, his party is still consisted of newcomers. Trying to attempt Hilgis is too dangerous for them.

“Wouldn’t Hilgis be too dangerous for you? Will you bring your comrades as well? Or will you ditch them? Didn’t you just reconcile?”

He already received Protection, but I think he should sit out for this time. I should preserve the existing member. Shira chan already fill in the position as our vanguard, so it is not necessary to have people with same ability.

“Understood? The reason you trust me, is because my conduct always inspire trust.”  -Masaru

I am not one to act recklessly, with exception to my family.

“If I am a person who cast away my friends just because I got stronger, will you still trust me? You wouldn’t, right?” – Masaru

“Yes.” -Will

“Don’t look at me like that. When I arrived at the Sacred Land of Sword, I will pick you up using Gate and you will be able to practice.”

As for his experience, whenever I find a chance, I will just have him work for it. Having Shiori town as a base will make catching up with this guy easy.

If I really need this guy as addition to my force, then I will think about it by that time.

“I’m sure the time will arrive when I need to rely on your power. So, make sure you do not neglect your training until then, understood?”

“Yes, Big Bro!”

For the time being, I left this place in Sati’s care and I decided to withdraw.

Shira chan is challenging Sati. But as expected of a new level 5, Shira chan is not suitable to become Sati’s partner yet. She needs to become serious to have a chance. Right now, she cannot keep up with my physical condition. In the first place, she cannot harm me since slave crest is still intact.

“I’m going to take a rest. Practice in moderation.”

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