NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 4

“Yeoouwch!? It’s hot! Water! Water!”

With her panics increasing, Shira chan try to grab some water, and she knocked down the trolley in which she brought the meals in.

When I finally applied heal and chilled the burning place with water, I found the room was left in terrible state.

“Hic……I am sorry, I am sorry……”

“Now, now. Wipe Masaru sama with this. I’ll do this part.”

Sati passed a towel to the crying Shira chan, and she promptly start to clean together with Tilika.

However, this……

I feel bad for Shira chan, but after seeing the cat-eared maid bursting in tears, and this situation where she is wiping me thoroughly all over the wet places is making me excited. The truth is, she is becoming irresistible.

This is the first time I ever witness Shira chan crying, and that is extra.

“For all your blunder so far, I wonder if a punishment is necessary?”

“……please give her the appropriate punishment.”

Tilika followed through. Even though I called it punishment, it is basically an ero based punishment.

“I will spank your butt.”

 Shira can stop crying, and with an embarrassed face, she proceeds to hang her hands on the wall and stick out her butt. I turned over her long skirt myself. Her well-forged legs in sultry state looks wonderful. Her tail gets hidden behind her skirts.

This is dangerous. She might hate me for this, but there is no way I can hold it anymore.

“Your pants are in the way.”

The plain pumpkin style pant is unnecessary. I want to see her ass.

“Stay still! This is a punishment.”


I put my hand on Shira chan pants, and slowly——


10 thoughts on “NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 4

  1. Thanks for new chapter.

    Also, did you forgot to put the illustration on this chapter.? The “shira dropping the glass” one.


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