NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 4

I don’t know whether Shira chan is a masochist, or the fact that I made love to three people at once, but after I checked the menu once I finished with the ‘full course’, I found that her loyalty is rather increasing.

Regarding her mistake, usually when a slave did this to her master, the degree of punishment that she will receive will make mine look pale in comparison.

In this world, spanking means numerous strikes to the butt, and sometimes the punishment was so severe that some people would die. It seems that deep in her heart, she is scared shitless.

I am sorry for scaring you, Shira chan.

In regard to the subsequent erotic development, Shira chan has long time ago accepted that a slave might be asked for sex. She is very supportive without showing any dislike. I really enjoyed it.

With this, I finally get the result for my Protection experiment from these three slaves that I purchased……

The first two are obviously selection mistake, and it took almost two months to persuade Shira chan. Although, at the end I did went about it aggressively.

I would say the result is quite a success. She is a great additional war potential, and by using this method, the person will not incline to serve religiously unlike Will, and hence, it is perfect.

I am a genuine God apostle, so I do not mind when people put religion in matter. However, my ideal is to have the feeling of love naturally grow while living under one roof.

By having a meeting, one can raise trust naturally. But my situation certainly does not allow that to happen.

And……even if I happened to meet a woman who happened to fall in love with me, she will definitely get swallowed into the vortex of battles at the foremost line.

Then if given chance, why don’t I find a woman like Shira chan, who has the will to fight from the very beginning?

In the first place, I do not think I am the only one who are hesitant to fight.

In this world where fighting demons are everyday occurrence, people think it is normal to lose one life amidst the many fighting that occurred. It does not require any convincing. Perhaps, I am a heretic for always rejecting this ideal.

Should I ask Tamara chan next time? What will she think if she were suddenly instructed to pick up a sword and fight?

Will that be bad? Once I said it, she will surely say “I will do it” with a heroic resolution.

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  1. Thanks for new chapter.

    Also, did you forgot to put the illustration on this chapter.? The “shira dropping the glass” one.


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