NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 8

Chapter 8 ~ Towards the Imperial Border

Gathered inside the living room, we decided to have a meeting with Francesca for our trip that will begin tomorrow.

Firstly, it will take about a week to reach Brumdal Fortress by going along the Hilgis border. It is another 4 days from there to Sword Village. Meanwhile, Ellie’s hometown is two days away from the Sword Village. If we start our journey without detours, overall time taken is no less than two weeks.

“So fast!”

Francesca raised a surprised voice after hearing my explanation. It took two months for a journey to the fortress by wagon. Even if someone go hastily, the best they can arrive is by a month. It would take more time if someone were going by feet. A week is an exceptional speed.

“Originally, our speed is much faster.”

This time, it will be quite heavy to carry nine people plus full equipment for battle.

The fastest way we can go is by me and Lilia on our lightest gear. By summoning Matsukaze, we can reach the fortress in two days, but there is not any need to hurry that much.

The Spirit Magic “Fly” has a cruising speed of 50km/h. Considering the weariness from using the Spirit Magic, it is necessary to take the user’s physical strength into consideration. Lilia can fly for 8 hours a day without overdoing. And she also must take a break every two hours.

For tomorrow, I have asked the elf from the Royal Capital to guide us en-route to a town near the Imperial Border. From there, we will deviate from the route, aim for an unmanned border, and enter the Imperial territory by night.  

“Why do you want to go through the frontier though?”

So, Francesca asked.

Why bother to choose a route that does not even have a highway? That is because there is a wanted person in our party. Our plan is to go around the postal town connected with the highway.

“I want to fly the shortest distance, and I’m planning to hunt monsters while I’m at it.”

Well, this reasoning is not a lie either. Our first priority is given to our travel, but if you find one, then hunt. This hunt also serves as a chance to earn experiences and practical training for Will and Shira chan.

“Hmm hm.”

Francesca’s expression changes when she heard that we are hunting monsters.

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