NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 8


Early morning, we left Royal Capital, and had two elves send use halfway with Fly as scheduled.

At start, the first elf is going to fly us until they reached their utmost limit, and left us on the spot. The second then will fly us till their limit as well, and the last of this three-person relay is where Lilia comes into play.

Since we are passing a relatively safe road for now, I equipment myself with minimal equipment as to reduce as many weights as possible. Then, I changed to full equipment and Lilia started again with Fly.

Nothing happened during the morning of our journey. We are currently cruising through the main road connecting Royal Capital and the Empire. There weren’t that many monsters and even if they do appear, it’s only a small amount. I may have missed some monsters though, since we have passed through the reaction of a single or small group.

However, after our first afternoon break, we have finally reached nearby the border. There, we encountered some groups.

If they are not human, then they are probably Orcs.

“Lilia, slow down. There’s something up ahead.”

There are roughly 30 to 40 of them. It is hard to visually confirm since the forest is very dense, so I will get down to the ground and check after we get closer to some extent.

“That sound like an Orc’s growl.”

Sati reported after searching for the sources with her auditory detection.

“Okay, let’s exterminate them.”

Everyone nodded at my command.

“Sati shall standby here. Immediately after you identify the Orc King or the boss of these flocks, defeat it with your bow.”

Even when it is only Orcs, we must be alerted in case a King-class is mixed in.

“Yes, Masaru sama.”

This is a good enough measure against Orc King. Onto the next. A little less than 40. Currently, they are not a tough opponent. I really want to leave them to Will and Shira chan as a chance to earn experience points, but I wonder if it is too dangerous……

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