NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 8


Sati discovered a village just when the setting sun has turned red. It was located quite far away from our route, so I almost passed by it when a rising smoke from the village easily caught my eye. It is evening, so they are probably smoke from cookfire.

“Just in time. Let us find a lodging in that village.”

When it comes to a remote village like this, Angela the priestess is the right person to depend on.

Right after we landed nearby the village gate, the guard turn wary for a moment, but we were immediately welcomed once they realised a priestess is among us. We met the elderly in the village, and he addressed himself as the village chief.

“We are on a journey. May we ask for a place to stay overnight?”

So, Ann requests.

“That won’t pose a problem, but whether or not the lodging is safe is another matter.”

After a closer look, the guards in this village were in sombre atmosphere. A good number of villagers are gathering with weapons and it is unlikely for the village chief to be among them at the gate.

“The Harpies has come flying here few days ago. We repelled them once, but……”

Ann threw a glance my way and I nodded lightly.

Harpy must die. Naturally, the rest of the monsters deserve the same, but I have a particular grudge against Harpy.

I look at Tilika just in case, but it seems unlikely that the villagers are trying to deceive us.

“Got it. We will do something about it.”

“Is that true!?”

“Do you know the location of the nest?”

“It seems to fly from that direction, Priestess sama.”

That much information is enough. Let us go and annihilate them. Then, I can get my sleep on the bed.

“I’ll stay here.”

I guess Ann is staying to do treatment and missionary work. In that case, I had better leave someone else here in case we attacked the Harpies in the wrong place.

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