NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 8

“First, I’m going to bombard them with my magic. Then, Will and Shira chan shall take care of the rest.”

Will there be less danger if I reduced them to some extent, and create some chaos? These guys are wearing full plate too.

“That’s right. We will decrease their number with our bow as much as possible, and the rest will be dealt with swords. If it seems you are getting overwhelmed, I will lend my support.”

Both Will and Shira chan are nervous. They both are wearing a full-face helmet which cover everything except for their eyes.

This is their first actual battle while wearing heavy equipment. I have ascertained their moves for the last few days, though. Both have level 5 Swordsmanship.

Not only Orc, I bet they have enough power to beat the King class given if they are careful enough.

I decided to have Lilia take charge of the pre-emptive magic. Lilia is still at level 22. She already has Spirit Magic and Wind Magic at level 5, but I believe she still needs experience points.

“How about me?”

“Fran is on standby. If the situation starts to look dangerous then I need you to lend your hand.”


I slowly lead the group at the front. Right behind me is Lilia, Will and Shira chan. The other members are staying a little bit behind us.

Shira chan dark armour is relatively quiet. Will however, is making clunking noises which is noisy. In the end, cheap stuff is bad.

We are not really hiding ourselves, so having a little noise are not our top concern, but……the Orcs then directed their gazes to us.


Immediately after hearing my call, Lilia started chanting.

The one with a good but quite worn out equipment are giving directions for their attack. That is probably their boss.

“Air Storm!”

The Air Storm released by Lilia explodes right in the middle of the Orc’s group leading to our direction. About five, or six of them were blown away. She also defeated the boss of the flock. There seems to be no Orc King in the vicinity.

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