NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 8

Will and Shira chan start shooting arrows. Will’s Archery is level 1 while Shira chan is level 4.

The higher-level Shira chan is steadily killing the Orcs. As for Will, well to be honest his hit rate is not good. He finds it difficult to aim at the moving Orcs, especially in this dense forest.

Only once, an arrow flew from the Orc side, but Sati killed the Orc that fired the bow. The arrow was blocked by a clay wall made by Ellie.

I think we have defeated about 10 Orcs while they are getting closer. All that left is about 20 more.

The turmoil of the magic attack saved me some time, but the swarms were scattered and that made me unable to reduce the number very much.

Will laid down his bow and quickly switched to his sword and shield. Shira chan took some time.

Will rushes forward and defeated the first Orc. Shira chan also participated in the battle although a bit later.

The switching time is a little dangerous. From now on this sequence will be faster, so I better put out Clay Wall next time.

“Hey, should I lend my support yet?”

While holding her sword, Francesca is itching as if she is going to jump out any moment now.

“It’s alright. Just continue to look out.”

Honestly, I am worried, but the two of them is enough to put this battle in check.

“Putting that aside, there is something around that corner.”

This group is more intelligent than the other. Five of them are quietly approaching us from the side through the woods. If their surprise attack went through without noticing, a normal party would have suffered.

“Leave it to me!”

If it is Francesca, even fighting all five of them would pose no problem to her. But her leather armour is different story. Even a little accident will create a problem.

“Let’s defeat them one by one.”

Apparently, the Orcs has spread out sideways and will attack all at once. Until now, Ann, Ellie, Tilika and Lilia has been free. Plus, these numbers are just right for Francesca.

“Sati, you stay in alert. I want you to look out for Will and Shira.”


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