NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 8

The Orcs made a surprise attack and let out a scream. However, the magic that was readied for them instantly annihilated four of them.

As for the last one, it was easily brought down by Francesca while it was standing around confused, looking at its fallen companion.

 Looks like it is over at those two sides. A few surviving Orcs are running away. These two cannot catch up while heavily equipped. Shira chan switches to bow and shoot an arrow. One, two Orcs fall after getting hit by Shira chan bow. However, the last one is quite a distance away. She is going to miss.


Sati immediately fired an arrow following my shout. The arrow hit and pierce through the back of the Orc despite it had ran through the forest densely populated with trees and is now only the size of a bean.

The last Orc has fallen. There is no survivor within my detection range.

As expected, the equilibrium of our party is different when there is vanguard. We can crush the enemies head on without relying in trickery.

With Lilia’s Spirit Guard, we do not have to worry about enemies’ arrows. If the enemies look tough, we just have to switch to defensive position with Earth Magic. Once we have built a strong fort, it does not matter if the enemies come ten or twenty-fold.

The best thing about having two more people are, this level of threat does not warrant for my work. Like that, I can afford to look at the situation and think about how to deal with it.

“Is it over?’

Francesca seems unsatisfied, having no particular scene to play an active part in.

“Well, this is it for when handling Orc.”

Both of them were able to fight steadily. Like this, the first magic strike was not necessary.

Sati took them both to go check for any Orcs that are still breathing.

“What’s next? Should we go ahead? Should we search for the surrounding area?”

So, Ellie asked. There is a possibility that other swarms outside of me and Sati’s detection range exist……

“Let’s collect them and proceed.”

This time, our priority is given to our travel. We annihilated them carefully but strangely, they spring out of nowhere out of sudden.

Honestly, from where did they come from?

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