NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 8

Well, that is how it is. Much easier than being a swordsman for sure. An archer plays an active role in a defensive battle, but if you are a swordsman, earning experience points is pretty life-threatening. I wonder if there is anything else that can be done.

“Alright then, let’s go back.”

Just in case, I sent my familiar bird to reconnaissance the nearby area and afterwards, I decided to head back.

It was completely dark. Once we returned to the village, we were greeted by a magnificent fire, which brightly illuminated the surrounding.

“How was the subjugation?”

“The village gatekeeper worriedly asked.”

“It is fine now. We found the nest and annihilated them.”

‘Ooooh’, the villager raised a cheer.

However, I am not sure if there are the other. I scouted with a nocturnal owl, but now that I think about it, the Harpy stays in the nest during this time and even if there are other nests, it is difficult to find them.

“Ann……how about our priestess?”

“The priestess, she is doing treatment at the village mayor’s house.”

“Then, here.”

I let out Harpies corpses on the square ground in front of the gate. This is the proof that we have defeated them.

“These are the defeated Harpies. I will let it to the villagers to use them as you see fit.”

I wonder how our lodging for tonight is. I wish there are enough rooms for everyone to stay.

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