NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 8

“Then, I’ll remains with the escort’s team.”

“You are on standby this time as well, Fran.”

“I want to go too!”

Francesca seems to be dissatisfied with my decision.

“But Fran isn’t very helpful when it is against an opponent that can fly like Harpy? Moreover, you promised to listen to my command during battle, are you not?”

There are some skills that Francesca is unable to use, so I want to leave her behind whenever I can do so.


“In any case, this time we are relying on magic. There isn’t any turn for a swordsman.”

I want these two to earn experiences point. This time, the nest is near to this village, so I want to make sure it is destroyed. I will let Lilia has the first strike again.

“Well, I’ll be back soon, so please wait.”

“Be careful, everyone.”

The villagers and Ann see us off while we fly away.

However, what is the deal with encountering flocks of monsters twice a day? I thought this area is still far from the Demon Realm, so there should be few of them.

Was it due to our fast travelling speed? Assuming our speed is five times faster; wouldn’t that mean we, have covered five days’ worth of distance in a single day? So, if there are only two herds, we still cannot say it is more?

It is the Item Box that I am worried about when we keep encountering monsters in this pace. For the sake of not throwing away my boulders, I think an early weight adjustment is necessary.

We found the nest soon after we flew in the direction that the villagers pointed at.

After a bit of reconnaissance, Lilia unleashes a level 5 Wind Magic!

 We collected these Harpy’s corpse and stop for the day. It is an easy task to just defeat the Harpy.

Many of the nests are still in the construction phase, and it seems that they have just moved.

“Thank you for your hard work, Lilia. Today is a great success.”

“Naw no. I’m the one who have to thank you for letting me have a fun and gain experience points.”

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