NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 8

“Have you ever fought monsters?”

“I’ve joined a subjugation mission before.”

However, she has never fought directly before. We need to be aware of the surrounding safety, same pattern as Lilia.

“Do you know how to use a bow?”

“I’m your average user. I can also use Fire Magic.”

“Then do you want to be the rear guard?”

In addition to acting as wizard, having a rear guard in case of emergency is a better option. It is also the safest position most of the time.

“A vanguard is good. I want to be a vanguard.”

“I don’t think it will come to the point where you will need to draw your sword, but if that is your wish.”

Both me and Sati, the two of us as a vanguard will go for the first hit. I do not think Francesca will have any chance to go out.

“Make me a vanguard.”

Well, it should be alright.

The content of our journey was already explained to her for some extent, so the meeting was completed without any further addition. All that is left is tomorrow morning, I will go to the Elf Country and collect Shira chan equipment, and I will be free until our departure.

“Then everyone, let’s take a rest until tomorrow.”

I rest whenever I have the time to rest. Or so I thought when Sati invited me for training later.

When I arrived at the Sacred Land of Swords for training later, there is chance that I’m going to die, and that statement was also backed by Sergeant dono. And there is also that ‘technique’.

“Alright, let’s do it!”


Sergeant dono’s art. Will I be able to beat Francesca if I can reproduce it?

“Well, are we going to train until it gets dark?”

Today, Angela chan is in charge for night duties. I am quite shy when I am at another place, so I was unable to do it with the rest. But today, let us have an ample time with everyone.

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