NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 5

“So, it was taught by Masaru. Is it possible to teach the method to other people?”

“Hm, due to the special method used for its acquisition, I think it’s impossible to imitate how I taught.”

Half of it was thanks to Protection. The other half was probably thanks to Sati unyielding spirit.

“Like this, I will scratch my palm with a knife, injuring myself. Then, you are forced to learn Recovery Magic, or you will end up dead from over bleeding.”

“Ah, I see.”

Things should have settled this way……but if Sergeant dono is good enough, should I talk to him about various things? He even knows about the master blacksmith. I feel sorry to Sergeant dono for leaving him outside the loop.

Moreover, I was hoping that by letting Sergeant dono knows about our situation, I will be more assured if he turns to become our supporter.

“If, just speaking hypothetically. If, for example, I have something unique, or specifically speaking, a special way to train. If I tell them to Sergeant dono, will you be able to keep it secret from the other?”

“Well, let us see……I’m currently contracted with the Guild. I have obligations. If it benefits the guild, it’s hard not to talk.”

Naw, it is impossible. Even if he tried to keep silent, he would be uncovered once a Truth Official is joining the investigation.

“But, I’m just an instructor. No matter what kind of secret you hide, it doesn’t matter to me.”

I have a long relationship with Sergeant dono. I am sure he can sense me hiding a lot of things, and I am thankful to him for letting me have my privacy.

“I hope sooner or later, I will be able to tell you just about everything……”

“Get stronger. That is all I want you to do.”


“Master’s training will be difficult. And for that, I want you to tightly embrace yourself.”

 “So, the training is going to be harsh after all.”

“Well, you won’t die. He is good at keeping the balance.”

“Let’s do our best, Masaru sama!”

“I’m looking forward to witnessing you guys getting stronger.”


I wonder if they could postpone my training, in case some unexpected situation happened……

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