NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 5

Yesterday I decided that she will become an armoured warrior with shield, or even if not, she will be put in charge of the forefront of our party. If the shield role does not fit her, as long we have another vanguard then, our safety will remarkably increase in case there are any enemies who encroaches closer to us.

Shira chan seems to be dissatisfied with the brief arrangement, but today is quite hectic. I still need to look for Shira chan equipment, and speaking of adventurer, I am going to register her at the guild. During afternoon, we will hold a congratulation party for Sati’s victory in the tournament.

I have a variety of weapons that I have gotten from the elf. As for armour, it takes time to customise, especially if you are going for metal armour. Specifically, for beastmens, the hole for their cat ears and tail are essential. We can try to look for one during our travel, but the use of transfer magic is limited depending on Francesca availability.

And so, earlier this morning, I went to meet the blacksmith in the Elf Country together with Lilia and Sati.  These people have taken care of me many times before, and they are very flexible. They are aware of our circumstances, moreover they will do it for us for free.

“I need a full plate armour that can fit this person. It needs to be prepared within two days.”

I do not think leaving them with an unreasonable request is a good idea though.

“As for this girl, Shira chan will be in charge of our party vanguard position from this time onward.”

Since they will take care of Shira chan in the future, I believe an introduction is necessary. Then, I briefly explain the situation to the master blacksmith. It is much easier if I do not have anything to hide. They can understand exactly what I am looking for.

We will start hunting soon. Getting our equipment ready is the top priority. Currently, Shira chan has a complete set of leather armour. Considering our current fire power, I believe that equipment is enough for the time being. Although, I want her to get accustomed to heavy equipment as soon as possible, considering her future role.

And thanks to her Protection, her ability is top notch, so I want something with good quality.

It is impossible to finish a full plate armour in two days times no matter how much you tried, so it is all about having the right size stock, and that is where the elf blacksmith comes in. The plate mail item itself is in low stock.

For the time being, there were one or two choices, and if it were to be adjusted, they will fit, though it is originally lightweight for the elf use. This particular piece is a lightweight plate mail armour that packed quite a defence.

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