NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 5

Chapter 5 ~ Shira chan Darkness Armour

Two more days left before our departure from the Royal Capital. Today we will hold the party and tomorrow, we will be preparing all day long. And the day after tomorrow, we will depart for the empire.

Well, even though I’d say preparation, it’s just a carefree trip since most of the item are stored in the Item Box. The matter regarding the Guild and Francesca is being handled by Ellie, so for today, my partner is Shira chan.

The first thing I did in the morning is to call the crest maker, and I had Shira chan slave crest erased.

“Let’s go, Milord!”

As soon as she gets her crest removed, she asked for a battle. She truly loves to fight, that Shira. I have wanted to make sure of her skills one more time, so I don’t really mind.

Due to the slave crest restriction, Shira chan could not attack me directly even though she could try to hit from over the distance so, this is the first time we have a proper battle.

Immediately after we get separated from Sati, I feel quite reserved around her. However, Shira chan did not say anything and keep a cool face. I wondered if she wishes to pay back for what has transpired yesterday, but it turns out that was just how her character is. In fact, her attacks are very lively.

Without a mistake, her attack coordination has clearly improved after I raised her Swordsmanship to level 5. She has speed and power that one clearly cannot underestimate. But from my point of view, her attack is monotone, and it is certainly not difficult to handle.

Even though our Swordsmanship level is the same, there is a wide difference in our combat experience, as well our stats and skills. It seems unlikely that I will lose to her anytime soon.

Not to mention……I see, her weapon handling is clumsy. Until now, I thought she was making a crude attack with all her strength, but she is just doing her best to move despite her clumsy handling.

With a fair bit of level up and skills, I can expect her to strengthen considerably and improved, but what can I do to help cure her of her clumsy handling? Is there any cure in the first place?

“Alright, that is all for today.” I have gotten the general gist of her moves. Despite her handling clumsiness, her Protection has increased her battle prowess sufficiently enough to win against standard opponent.

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