NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 5

“That guy, he is the prince of the Empire. It appears that he is the direct grandson of the current King.”


Shira chan face turned pale. Speaking of which, yesterday both of them were having an intense match. Not to mention, she completely beaten him once.

“R, ran away from home, huh……”

“Yeah. He ran away from home, and right now he is just a bottom tier adventurer, so please do not mind. It’s fine even if you beat him hard.”

“Is that true!? IS THAT REALLY TRUE!?  Do you really think I will be okay!?”

“Even I treated him extremely rudely when he still keeps his secret being a prince. It’s fine if you treat him like the usual.”

I thought it would be better if I have never mention it, but seeing that we are family now, I do not think I should hide it.

“That’s right, you don’t have to be reserved around him, you know? You don’t want to lose against him in swordsmanship, right?”

“That is not wrong, but still……”

Apparently, so far, she is still losing to Will.

“I have never hold back too, not even once.”

Sati also speaks out her mind.

“That guy is currently not a prince. He is just a swordsman, pushing himself to the edges to better honed his skills. I hope Shira will treats him like such.”

“A swordsman……I see. I see now!”

Somehow or another, she finally gets over her dilemma.


After we finished all our errands in the Elf Country, we returned to the Royal Capital. Next, we are going to the Adventurer Guild.

As we walked in, the buzzing guild hall quieted for a moment. I have the absolute confidence that myself is not attracting any attention. True enough, Sati who won the championship is the one standing out.

That is why instead of sneaking in, I just entered the Guild normally……

“Wasn’t he that the Giant Killer?”

“Wrong. It’s that little beastmens over there.”

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