NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 5

Thank God. So, it is not that obvious in other point of view.

However, this might be caused by the skill. I mean, I am not familiar with level 5 skill yet.

“Normally, it doesn’t pose that much of a problem in itself, but when you’re stepping up your move, I think it will bring big influence.”

Anyway, the only remedy for that is to repeatedly practice. There is no other way except for beating the most efficient move into my body.

“As for the other possibility, Sati’s strength is just too great, and it is possible that her body cannot bear it.”

Sati holds an incredible power unbecoming to her physique. Too incredible, in fact. I have expected this probability, but the problem is how to deal with it. I was wondering if Sergeant dono managed to come up with any good idea……

“She needs to train. Once she builds up muscles, the load on her body can be reduced.”

In the end, the only way possible is by keep practicing.

Our body cannot catch up with all the skills enhancement. The cheat is too powerful, and it cause great strain to our body. There is nothing that I can do against it. Even after building up muscles mass, there is a probability that our bones hardness and muscle strength do not change. Plus, when we take our levelling up as consideration……I wonder what would happen in that case.

However, to make thing simple, what Sergeant dono said is true. It is impossible to receive Protection without strengthening yourself.

“In order to reach your limit, you don’t rely solely on strength. Instead, you think of how to fight.”

A safe conclusion is drawn.

Since he has pointed out basically the root of countermeasure, for now our discussion has reached it conclusion.

 It is troublesome to increase our number of training, but since there is no choice, we will slowly start doing it.

“Well, that matter aside, I think Sati is using Recovery Magic?”

“You’re right, that is to say, did you managed to fully detect it?”

“I felt her mana activated, but there isn’t any clear indication for her recovery. That is to say, I half-believed it.”

As expected, it is hard to detect flow of mana when the crowds are that many.

“You are not mistaken; they are Recovery Magic. She has just learned it recently.”

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