NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 5

“She truly is a small girl……”

“Wasn’t that man the Immortal? Neither of them looks strong to me, though.”

“You foolish bastard. Keep asking that and you are gonna get killed, you know!?”

As expected, I am weak at handling this kind of situation.

Sati stops walking and stared at me. What, do you want to go into carnage?

“We are finally here. You can go play for a while if you wanted to. Treat them like practice.”


There are instructors watching over the training ground. I do not think anything terrible will happen.

“I will teach a lesson to whomever that wishes it!”

After declaring that, Sati left us and went to the training ground. At the same time, most adventurers have followed suit.

“Shira can’t follow them. I still have to complete your guild reservation.”

 I saw Lilia went off to follow Sati. In the first place, we are here to finish Shira’s business.

But when I made my application, the registration was done quickly. During my time, a Truth Official came and asked me ton of questions, but this time, since there is a recommendation from an A rank, they are fine with omitting some procedures.

I was issued a guild card in a short time and when I went to the training field, there was a queue waiting. Instead of defeating her opponent, she spends some little time to hold a small session of practice.

Instead of a little, Sati seems to be in a whole lot of fun. My task here was finished early, so I am looking around. I stopped Shira chan who seems eager to participate. She can become Sati’s opponent anytime she wishes for, plus it would be dangerous for her without her armour.  

Once I started looking around, I feel satisfied after confronting about ten opponents. Then, we grouped and returned home.

“Have you enough?”

“Yes. If time permitted, I would continue tomorrow.”

 Tomorrow, we are going to have a final resting day before starting our journey, as well checking for anything left behind. Going by our schedule, there should not be anything to do tomorrow. I am going to have a good rest, but if Sati wants to go out and play, then I have no say about it.

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