NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 5

Since we are going to use it during practice anyway, it will be severely beaten up and be put in good use. Just when I was about to settle the decision and have it repaired, another blacksmith called from the back in the warehouse, being covered fully with dust.

“Masaru sama, I think this size will fit nicely!”

“Milord! This one, this one is good!”

It was made of black steel, and despite being made for elf, the whole-body black clad armour emits a terrifying and dreadful atmosphere.

“It looks strong, Shira chan!”

Without a mistake, the armour does look tough, but no matter how you slice it, it is made for the bad guy.

It has horns, and there are many extra decorations covering the whole body, and it looks like it will make a clattering noise when you move in it. It is unavoidable that it will make some noises since it is a full plate, but if it is too noisy, then it will be a hindrance during our hunt.

However, if it is much quieter than the ordinary plate, the craftsman will seal it with his approving stamp.

According to the craftsman, it was a prototyped with emphasis on the difficulty to be spotted and quietness in the dark night, however the armour had become a little thicker and heavier than the elf could handle, and it was stored in the store.

Shira chan can handle that much weight, but……

“Why was it design like that?”

“If things like this suddenly appeared from the darkness, I’m sure anyone will be surprised.”

So, the decoration is just useless, except for the surprise element that it might bring.

“Isn’t it a good armour, Milord?”

“She is right! There isn’t any weakness aside from its weight defect, and I don’t have the will to dispose it……”

The elves love to entertain themselves with this kind of idea. Perhaps, life get boring at some point when you live for so long.

“It might have an appearance like that, but if the person in question itself is fine with it, then why not. Or were you uneasy to take this armour since it was made for elf use?”

I can’t say I expect this kind of looks from an elf, but what choices do I have, since I was making them do everything for free.

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