NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 5

It is practical except for how it looks like, and I did not have much time, so I ordered an alteration for this black clad armour and left the blacksmith.

However, the very same dark knight will stand at the forefront and lead our party. Does Lilia understand that when she said her line just now?

“While we are at it, let us go greet my father. Masaru hasn’t meet him recently too, don’t you?”

“You’re right. Why don’t we drop in for a while?”

This quest is not directly related to the elf, but it is worth telling. In some unforeseen circumstances, I might be able to ask the elf for help.

They would still help even if there isn’t anything, but when we have the oracle as a cause, thing will go through faster.

“The news has travel mentioning that you have won the gladiator tournament. As expected, you are a bona fide hero.”

It seems like there is another audience when I came to meet the King. I was immediately included in the meeting.

I do not plan to stay long today, so I have an audience with him right then.

“Yes. The elf warriors that were assigned as our sparring partner at the time helped tremendously.”

Sati who is behind me nodded in agreement.

It appears that he already asked someone in detail regarding the tournament, so I will just skip to the Hilgis quest.

“A new oracle has descended?”

“Just that, we don’t have a clue what it actually entails……”

 The King seemed to be able to quickly organize the troops to be dispatched to the Hilgis, but the quest content is a sloppy mess at best, so I am not sure what kind of support I actually require at this stage. I do not even know if I require any support in the first place. From his explanation, his promised is something along “I will spare you my cooperation when the time arrived.”.

Lastly, I introduced him to Shira chan.

When she was suddenly introduced, she went “huh?”. That is what her face is saying but seeing that she is part of my household now, I think a little introduction is warranted. Shira chan who was silently waiting behind Sati, is now brought forward in front of the King.

“It is not officially declared yet, but she also has Protection, papa.”

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