NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 5

However, I believe there is nothing to gain by training in Adventurer Guild anymore. Perhaps from now on, I need to consider Sergeant dono as the option for our training?

Perhaps, I can find other person like Will to catch……nah, it’s just a bother no matter how you think about it.

Oh well, I will just remember it as one possible method to gain person with a Protection affinity.


Once we returned to the Elf Mansion, we found Sergeant dono was already there. He was discussing about transportation method with Ellie.

The more detailed discussions seem to be over. Tomorrow, we are supposed to pick up the luggage at the guild.

“But the rewards are only this much. Will it be okay?”

“Surely. This time around, we managed to turn up a profit, so consider this a service from us. Right, Masaru?”

Even though my transport capacity is exceptional, when you compare the rewards from this transportation mission with the profits that we made from betting during the tournament, the latter is much profitable. And if you think about this mission in regard to the quest, we are literally getting free money.  

“This time, we were able to win thanks to the guidance from Sergeant dono. Doing this much task is nothing.”

I was also asked to make a warehouse to store food locally. It is necessary because I have a lot of goods to transport.

“If you have time, I would like to talk about how you guys fought in the tournament.”

This is going to take some time, so Ellie leaves together with Lilia. Shira chan saw Will the moment we reached the mansion, and they leave, just both of them together. Nowadays, they always spend time at the mansion training ground.

We talked about the wrist injury that Sati suffered during her fight with Borzola.

“There are several causes for that……let’s talk about the first probability. Simply said, this injury proves that your moves are still sloppy.”

“Sloppy, you said?”

Does he mean Sati or me? Sloppy, as in, like Shira chan?”

“I think raising your skills too rapidly gives an adverse effect. I don’t know if it is because I have always been watching you for some degree, but I can say there is a lot of waste in your moves.”

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