NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 5

I considered having a small wedding for us, but Shira chan politely declined. She is a woman who dedicated her life with the way of sword, so she finds having a wedding ceremony is presumptuous. That line of thinking suits her though.

Nevertheless, I do not wish to treat her like a subordinate and seeing that she is the newest addition among the other, she has been calling everyone “Big sis” ever since yesterday. She sure looks them up in high regards.

I thought it is better if we can deepen our relationship, but oh well, I hope we can get along well from this point onward.

“Hmm. So, you are called Shira. I shall leave my daughter and my son-in-law in your hand.”

“Yes! Although I am just a young’un who is yet to realise my potential prowess, as a sword and a shield for this party, I swear that I will protect them with my own body.”

“Umu. Whenever you encountered a problem, you can always rely on the elves help.”

“Thank you very much.”

Oh, she still gave a proper response despite me not telling her how to. That is great. I will praise her a lot later.

“It’s terrible of you to suddenly put me in the presence of someone important like that.”

After we left, she got angry when I praised her.

“Right now, you and Lilia are part of same family. There is no need to humble yourself so.”

“That is correct. You have become a member of our family.”

“However still, from now on, please tell me beforehand whenever you are meeting a distinguished person.”

Well, I can understand where she is coming from. She needs to be prepared emotionally.

Will there be……any opportunity like this anymore? In this case, maybe the King of the Royal Kingdom, or maybe Francesca herself too, count.

But Francesca is a swordsman, and I get the feeling that she might get along well with Shira chan.

No wait. I have forgotten one more person.

“Well then, what about Will?”


“It is a secret, understood?”

“Well of course, so……?”

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