NEET Hello Work 7: Extra

Gossip ~ Words About Yamano Masaru Being a Hero

The song has a very good reputation here, and even during the festival, it was sung in a large hall.

It was about half a year ago when I met an adventurer at the town of Shiori, and thanks to that opportunity, I learnt Ani-song from him. To my surprise, I found him competing in the main round when I came to watch the tournament to take a breather.

Moreover, there is a qualifying preliminary round right before the main match, an unusual format. Before the match started, the Truth Officials gathered around, as if there are some circumstances.

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NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 20

Chapter 20 ~ Conclusion

Sati was hungry, so I took out her favourite peach-like fruit. She finally stopped eating after devouring five platters. Well, as long she can digest them, but she took an attack on her stomach……or not.

Afterwards, she went resting while sitting down with both knees in hand.

In addition to fighting a long-drawn battle against Francesca, she also received a lot of damages. Despite receiving a treatment right on the spot, her exhaustion due to her injuries lingered, and they should remain for several days.

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NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 18

Chapter 18 ~ Tournament Final First Match, Battle Against Francesca

This battle is finally balanced after my opponent was left with only a single hand usable.

Am I weak? Or was Lazard san too strong? Supposedly, the person with Recovery Magic should be overwhelming the other by dealing more damage yet————

Lazard san remains standing till the last moment. After I healed my wounds, I stand up slowly.

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NEET Hello Work 7: Chapter 17

Chapter 17 ~ Main Battle, Third Round, Fight Against Lazard

My final match started on the first day of the main battle.

So, why am I putting up with this painful thing the best that I can?

Partly, it is for the sake of Protection.

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