NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 2

“It is in between the border of Hilgis and the Empire. Is it clearer now?”

The principality of Hilgis. A country that was destroyed while we were fighting at Gorbas Fortress. It’s an unforgettable event.

This is going to be a considerable detour from our plan……the map floats in my mind. The fortress is at the border, while both the Holy Land of Sword and Ellie’s hometown are along the border as well. At this rate, it is more efficient if we move along the border instead of going through the Imperial Capital.

To put it simply, taking the route through the Imperial Capital will benefit us no more than a sightseeing.

“That is a pretty big change in our travel route. I have to consult with everyone.”

“That is to be expected. And, there is one more request related the Hilgis.”

Instead of a quest, it is a request.

“What is the request?”

“This information is still confidential. Soon, the operation to recapture Hilgis will be announced and led by the Empire. All surrounding countries will participate, including the Royal Kingdom. Even the Adventurer Guild will send as much manpower as possible. I want you to participate by any means.”

Recapturing back a country. That is a grand military operation.

9 thoughts on “NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 2

  1. Thanks for the chapter!!! Soo on the part where Masaru returns to the elf castle, is it supposed to repeat the sentence twice?


  2. Part 7 and part 8 is the same entry, so you skipped an entire part of the translation. It feels like a bad jump cut to section 9. Seriously, why are you splitting the chapter into so many pieces, it’s pretty repugnant when I read on my cellphone. I appreciate the work you are doing, but the presentation is leaving me with lots of doubts to the reason why.


    1. Agreed. I can understand splitting it into a few parts, but more then 4 or 5 is excessive.
      Ad revenue is a thing and understandable to try an milk a few extra pennies, but going too far will just encourage readers to go elsewhere, or just skip it all together.


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