NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 2

It’s fine to be indebted and all but, if her invitation is refused here, I’m afraid of thinking how resentful she will be. Sati is supposed to be training, but in case she wants to serve under Francesca, then……

“Please persuade them carefully, understood? Whether it’s the King or the Duke, once we incurred their wrath, there’s no way we can continue living in this kingdom anymore, right?”

“I know already. I’m counting on you guys as my escorts. For sure this time?”

“Only after you managed to persuade your family. Please don’t ever think of leaving home in case you never got their permission, okay?”

“I-I get it already.”

This lass. She was thinking of leaving her house right when that happened. Dangerous.

“Since we have a Truth Official, it’s impossible to do that in the first place, right?”

This is a life-threatening development. Please don’t ever create a mess with the Royal Family Household and drag us into it.


“We’re going to have a family meeting, Ellie!”

“Welcome home, Masaru. Did something happen?”

Once I arrived at the Elf Mansion, Ellie came to greet us after the elves.

“There is a change in schedule after the festival. Please gather all the others.”

“I understand. Please wait for us in the living room.”

I enter the living room with Sati, relax on the sofa and wait for everyone.

I’ve taken off my leather armour long time ago, but the inner clothes remain the same. It feels a bit disgusting since the sweats and the smell from the leather armour has permeated. Would be nice if I can get into the bath first. Nah, I better enjoy them later with Sati and took our sweet time……

“You have returned!”

Lilia is the first to arrive in the room. She dashed and jumps on me who’s relaxing on the sofa.

She hugged me tightly without minding the sweat and the smell. Then she continued by hugging Sati at my side, the same way she did with me.

“Both Masaru and Sati worked hard today. You made me very impressed. Especially when you defeated the giant in the final, I’m mesmerized!”

9 thoughts on “NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 2

  1. Thanks for the chapter!!! Soo on the part where Masaru returns to the elf castle, is it supposed to repeat the sentence twice?


  2. Part 7 and part 8 is the same entry, so you skipped an entire part of the translation. It feels like a bad jump cut to section 9. Seriously, why are you splitting the chapter into so many pieces, it’s pretty repugnant when I read on my cellphone. I appreciate the work you are doing, but the presentation is leaving me with lots of doubts to the reason why.


    1. Agreed. I can understand splitting it into a few parts, but more then 4 or 5 is excessive.
      Ad revenue is a thing and understandable to try an milk a few extra pennies, but going too far will just encourage readers to go elsewhere, or just skip it all together.


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