NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 2

“Of course. The kingdom will send out her troops as well.”

“I’ll also participate in the mission. But before that, I’m tasked with transportation of the goods. Because of my Item Box, you see.”

“Then are we heading to Hilgis, and the Sacred Land of Swords, or would we swing by Ellie’s hometown before all that?”

“I’ve wanted to go to the Imperial Capital for a while now, but apparently I have no time to spend on sightseeing. Well, I just heard about it so, I need to have a discussion with my family first.”

“Adventurers……must be nice to have a freedom to move anywhere you like.”

The princess would not be able to participate in a dangerous and long-term operations. But as for me, I wish I can stay in my territory all the time, regardless of my freedom of movement. I don’t want to move; I was forced to move. I wish I can tell that loudly.

“But, didn’t Francesca sama said she’s going to train?”

“My decision was opposed. I’m not able to persuade them yet.”

Oh my. That’s rough.

“Well that’s how it goes. The story will be different if the escorts is an A rank party whom Liliane sama is allied with.”

But wouldn’t saying going through Brumdal Fortress is unnecessarily making these conversations complicated.

“I apologize if you’re still angry for being kicked. To be honest, I was scared to see you making the recovery. Hard to believe that you could still wake up. Do you know? You get called a nickname, the Immortal.”

She was shocked to see me getting up while vomiting and breathing blood in the chase for victory.

No, wait a second. Menu open……now there is a title 【Immortal】 inside.

“Your pursuit is excessive. After thinking of the best method to beat you, I came into conclusion that dealing a scrupulous damage to you is needed.”

“Uh. Well, there is no reason to get angry. Sati”


I don’t really mind about it anymore, but Sati’s mood is turning for the worse. What should I do about this?

“How does working with the Royal Family for several years sound to you? I will make it worthwhile for serving me.”

9 thoughts on “NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 2

  1. Thanks for the chapter!!! Soo on the part where Masaru returns to the elf castle, is it supposed to repeat the sentence twice?


  2. Part 7 and part 8 is the same entry, so you skipped an entire part of the translation. It feels like a bad jump cut to section 9. Seriously, why are you splitting the chapter into so many pieces, it’s pretty repugnant when I read on my cellphone. I appreciate the work you are doing, but the presentation is leaving me with lots of doubts to the reason why.


    1. Agreed. I can understand splitting it into a few parts, but more then 4 or 5 is excessive.
      Ad revenue is a thing and understandable to try an milk a few extra pennies, but going too far will just encourage readers to go elsewhere, or just skip it all together.


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