NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 7

The clerks reprimanded me when I was selecting the books.

“You are buying all of them? Do you have the money? Show it to me.”

The bookstore in this world is so fussy. They wouldn’t even consider showing me the book if they deem me as penniless.

Well, today I have just returned from the Adventurer Guild. I’m still equipped with my battle gear, so I probably am not looking like a book lover.

However, the moment I showed him the gold coins, the clerk’s attitude changed.

“Is there anything particular you are looking for, my dear customer!”

“Story book would be nice. Oh, I don’t really need those shiny books. Even if it’s old or worn out, I would still read them.”

“A picture books! Do you have any picture book?”

“A story book that use pictures as its main composition. Well, this one, or maybe this one————”

As expected from an expert, he does choose immediately.

“Since I’m buying a lot, will I get some service?”

“Well, of course!”

The cost for the whole pile stacked is six gold coins. 600,000 yen. It is an expensive purchase, but this way I wouldn’t have any trouble reading for the time being.

What left is food stock. Naturally, I have prepared them properly however, our itinerary has changed to move along the frontier border, and the number in our group has grown, so it’s wiser for me to purchase more. Just in case I cannot return to my home or the Elf Village in time, especially when I’m having a rice craving, I cannot expose my Transfer Magic solely for that reason.

It was about noon. The three of us went to eat around the market and bought a lot of thing that we like.

At first, I thought it was a little too much, but I have more than enough money, and since I have enough money, I can use it to buy a souvenir for the elf or Ellie’s parents.


I found everyone has returned once I have gone back to the elf mansion. It seems that Ellie has gone to recover Will earlier.

And together waiting for me at home is, Francesca.

I turn my gaze to Ellie and shake my head. Didn’t you go to refuse?

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