NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 7

Again, and again, I was under constant attack from Sergeant dono. I dodged and managed to fight back. This is bad. He is serious.

After dodging my counterattack, Sergeant dono become completely still.

His stance has somewhat changes……

He moved——by the time my mind start processing the thought, Sergeant dono already thrusting his sword towards my throat.

“Lightning. This technique is called as such. Drill that into your mind.”

“Yes, Sergeant dono.”

 As expected, compared to Lazard san or Francesca, Sergeant dono is just on a whole other level where I can’t be his opponent at all.

“Didn’t you said that you will someday catch up to me after 10 more years has passed? Let’s make a correction. The next time we meet, I hope you will already surpass me then.”

That’s all he said, and Sergeant dono turned his back, pushing through the crowds and left.

“Sati, did you saw that?”


Shira chan did not saw anything at all.

His movements are as good as imprinted in my eyes. However, his last sword skill. The speed in his sword. It was an unusual speed.

Surpassing Sergeant dono? That is no joke. Wasn’t Sergeant dono expecting way too much from me?

This time, all my errands are finally over. Sati is having fun on her on way, serving as the adventurer’s opponent. Shira chan is refraining from showing off her newly found strength, perhaps she doesn’t want to repeat what happened to Will.

The one who will surpassed Sergeant dono will be Sati for sure. But when it comes to Sati, Sergeant dono is more easy-going. He seems to only teaches me in the earnest. I wonder if he thinks more about me.

Now that I deeply think about it, all my previous lessons predate till now may have been a light session only, after all.

What do you think, Shira chan?

“What he said is very strange, Milord. No matter how you look, it wasn’t a light exchange at all.”

She looks to be in a slight stupor.

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