NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 7

And so, Sergeant dono voiced out frankly. He really did protect me from the back.

“No, please excuse me. But it’s a waste to have such a transport capacity but working as an adventurer.”

Even though I am an adventurer, I am capable of this ability. I can even transport a dragon.

“Unfortunately, I’m already contracted with the elf.”

 “By contract, you mean……”

“The contract is valid until I die. Besides, I’m still going to adventure for the time being. Then, the King has spoken to me directly so, even after I’m retired, I don’t think I can be a Commercial Guild’s member exclusively.”

“How about occasionally……?”

“I’m on my way to the Empire, and I don’t think I’m coming back here anytime soon.”

“That’s truly a shame. Please come meet me once you have return back to the Kingdom. I think we will meet all your expedience throughout your stay here.”

“I will remember your name.”

In this world, transportation is terrifyingly time-consuming and sometimes life-threatening.

Couldn’t they invent the steam power? Shall I ask Ellie or someone about it next time?

“Once you reach the fortress, look for the Adventurer Guild. Then, hand over this inventory list together to them. I will be keeping in touch.”

“Understood, Sergeant dono.”

 Just when I thought all the important matters is done, Sergeant dono invited me to the guild’s training ground.

“The next time we’ll meet is few months later. Let’s have a light practice before we parted.”

Apparently, Sergeant dono will also be there in Hilgis.

“A light practice, huh?”

“Of course. Did you bring your armour with you?”

“I did.”

It’s nice for him to let me wear armour for today. Well, we’re doing it before my departure, so maybe he is not planning for any tough training.

“Use the sword that you always use in battle.”

Sergeant dono stopped me when I was about to pull out a sword.

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