NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 7

Well, for these guys, they literally have no reason to risk death just to get stronger. It’s only been a year since we have become an adventurer. There is no need to hurry, and no reason to be desperate.

“I’m going back home soon. Masaru, are you busy today?”

“Not really. Then both of you, take care.”

“You too, Masaru.”

I secretly told Lazard san about the matter of Hilgis, but it seems that his party might not join. The mission is dangerous, long-term and has little reward. Moreover, it is at another faraway country. They have no reason to gamble their lives there.

I said my goodbye to these guys for the time being. I wonder when will we meet next?


Immediately after I sent off Crook and Silva, I set to Adventurer Guild together with Sati and Shira.

Everybody else has already gone out respectively.

Will has left to the Elf Country alone, looking for a complete set of equipment that will suit him. I already ordered a full plate mail for him as his main, but his current set of equipment is made of cheap junk, and it’s necessary to find him a new weapons and armour, so I sent him out early in the morning. There wasn’t enough time to go shopping as a group and hence, I left him alone and entrusted him to the elves.

The other member is Ellie, who I entrusted her for Francesca matter. She seems to have not decided yet, so Ellie is going to get the reply.

“I want to bring some escorts together with me.”

So, Ellie said earlier this morning.

We have told her that it’s going to be dangerous since we’re going through the frontier, and from there we steered the conversation so we can decline her, but it seems that Francesca is not giving up based on that reason alone.

While it’s true that our journey is dangerous, it is not on a level of danger for our party, and of course, the person herself is terribly skilled. Above all, her speed is way faster than ordinary, and the person herself might not like Sati to start her training first.

Then, it seems that getting her guardians permission proved to be difficult, seeing that an unmarried maiden is parting for a journey to far away land.

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