NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 7

“As this moment, I will take you on seriously as my opponent.”

For real.

“Nothing to worry about. This is going to be light.”

I wore and fitted my armour but, a serious but light session? How is that light?

Darn it. I know I was scared, and I nearly let that bit out.

We face each other with full equipment fitted just like when I was going on a normal adventure. They were several people originally in the training ground, and for some reason they were all flocking in.

“You will face a very serious training over that side. Get used to it.”

It was the kind of information that made me want to meet the Sword Saint less and less but, as the words says, maybe it was a kindness on his part to make me feel accustomed even if it’s for a little.

My mouth is drying up. Once there is interaction between two sharp swords, there bound to be death even with a blow.

“We are starting lightly first. Come at me.”

Hmm? Just now, did he say, for starter!?

Sergeant dono continues to urge me to come at him faster.

For now, just as he said, I hit him lightly. A good sound produced from two real swords clashing. Sergeant dono counterattack is sharp, but true to his words, they are light. His moves are surprisingly lax.

Still, I stay alert all the time while keeping my eye on Sergeant dono. He mentioned earlier that we are starting light. And he does keep up with his word.

Lightly. Lightly. Our swords crossed for many times.

I become accustomed to Sergeant dono swordplay. As we go on, my fear of him turning serious has gone.

“Has your body warm up?”

Not yet, or I wish I could say so. We already done enough for a warmup.


“You won’t die, then?”

Sergeant dono bloodlust swell up and he began attacking.

Him going easy is a big fat lie then after all———————!?

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