NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 7

“The leader is Masaru, right. I’ll be in your care starting from tomorrow.”

“That is fine, but what is that armour……”

It is almost similar to the half-plate that I’m using, however her half-plate is reflecting the sunlight and shines in gold. Attached together is a fluttering pure white mantel, and honestly, it gave a cool vibe and looks great.

“This is my standard gear. I was told by Elizabeth that they are way too striking though……”

“How about your alternative gear?”

“I still have the battered leather armour that I used in the tournament.”

This plate is still brand new when she has just reached the coming of age, hence there wasn’t any spare plate armour.

“It is important for the one in command to stand out.”

No, even if you told me to puff my chest out wearing those. Certainly, if you are the captain of the guard division, a flashy equipment that emphasizes visuals may be appropriate, but even if Shira chan dark equipment can be tolerated, this one is a no.

“A Samurai is an individual strong enough to slay a group of dragons, correct? Then, what is the need to be sneaking around?”

“Well, you are not wrong about that.”

Hmm. I don’t think we will get endangered just by standing out, but……

No, does it really not matter? They won’t matter when it comes to the monster, but it definitely will stand out among fellow humans. How will it stand against the bandits and thieves?

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