NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 7

However, including Shira chan and Will alone, the number of people has increased to two. This time, we are going to travel long distance, so I don’t want to fill out the capacity for Fly magic more than necessary. Adding escorts is out of question.

I would like to decline the request if possible, but it is also difficult to turn down the request. This has turned into a troublesome matter.

Well, I left the issue regarding Francesca to Ellie. As for my business, I searched for Sergeant dono once I reached at the Adventurer Guild, and immediately, I was taken to a warehouse in a Commercial Guild, a short distance away.

Wooden boxes, bags and barrels are piled up in a fairly large warehouse.

“It’s a considerable amount. Will you be able to take it all, Masaru?”

Putting aside the overall quantity, I want to know each item quantities. My Item Box have restriction on individual types of quantity rather than weight. If possible, I want to put them all into a giant wooden box, since even a small bag is considered as one. If the sizes are not uniform, I may not be able to carry them.

“For now, let’s put them all into a giant box.”

There are about four different wooden boxes, and it took some spaces because of the good’s irregular sizes. Well, for this reason, I can’t say that 1OO pieces are good enough. Then I put the casks again and again, then put into a sack. TL note: I don’t understand

As for the supplies there are varieties of grains and corns. They consist of the most. The rest is seasonings like salt. The barrel also contained pickled vegetables, dried fruits, and sake. They have collected as much as they can from the look of it.

However, despite the large variety of ingredients, the sizes of the containers were the same, which required less space than I expected. It fills up to about half the quantity of my Item Box. Well I said half, but that is from 5000 limit. There is nothing to worry.

“A, all of them, at once……a person really is going to transport them all……”

The person in charge of the Commercial Guild was surprised, but that is just like the usual, so I ignored him.

“If there are still space available, I would like to order some pots and tableware.”

Naturally, this large amount of food must come together with tableware’s and pots.

“In that case, please put them in a box.”

This time too, there weren’t many of them, so some space remains even after I stored them all.

“Would you transport again for us……no, will you plead your allegiance exclusively for the Merchant Guild!?”

“Trout dono, he already firmly said that he doesn’t want to be scouted.”

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