NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 7


As I was talking to Shira chan while observing Sati, several young adventurers came and talked to me.

“You are, Masaru dono? Can you give us some lessons?”

Hmm. It’s getting boring to just stand and watch.

“My practice method is difficult, you know? I’ll deal with you only if you are okay with it.”


Maybe by doing this, around ten or twenty years later, these people might be some person who may help.

So, I thought, but about half of the adventurers who were surrounding Sati, after hearing that I will deal with them, came flocking around me. I believe it’s inaudible, “This is going to be a good memory.”, and such, I said while these people were clamouring around me.

I get it, sightseeing. Let’s make it a memory for when I go sightseeing. There is little entertainment in this world. If I had a sword fight with a swordsman who was active in the Royal Capital tournament, I’m sure it will become a good story to pass down later.

Fine. Let’s make it an unforgettable experience for them.

“Alright now guys. Line up in order so I can deal with everyone properly.”  

All of you, would you like to taste a piece of my seriousness?

I asked Shira chan to manage the line. I’m making sure there isn’t anyone who is escaping midway.


Both Sati and I were satisfied with the fights, so afterwards we decided to go back once we have finished shopping in the Royal Capital. First, I searched for a bookstore. Book is one of the amusements left that I could enjoy in this world.

As expected of a Royal Kingdom, when I entered the bookstore that was reputable for its good selection, I found it incomparable to Shiori or Miyaga town.

I flip the book, reading through the pages, then give it to Shira chan who seems to be interested. Meanwhile, Sati is taking her time to choose her books. I was stuck at the store entrance.

“Hey wait! Mister adventurer over there. It would be a problem if you take the book from the reservation shelves if you don’t plan to buy it.”

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