NEET Hello Work 8: Chapter 7

“Since we’re a strong bunch, it’s fine if you wear your leather equipment. The problem lies beyond that. The more it stands out, the more likely for it to be a target. Wouldn’t it be a problem for the escort side, then?”  

We aren’t the commanding unit. There isn’t any need for this sparkling armour.

“If you insisted on wearing that armour, I’m afraid I have to refuse this escort mission.”

“This is an important piece of equipment that my dear uncle has given to me though……guess I have no choice. I will get the leather armour back later.”

Even so, there is something that I must tell her now.

“And let’s not forget that you are a daughter of a Duke, primarily your status. I’m going to explain to you about our travel in the dangerous area, okay? I’m in trouble if you don’t follow my orders or Ellie during that time.”

I believe it’s unlikely, but there is chance that we might need to escape using my Transfer Magic. It is dangerous to act arbitrarily during an emergency.

“Also, as our client, I think it would be better if you stay at the back and receive our protection along the way, don’t you think so?”

Even if you wish to remain quietly at the back, I don’t mind it.

“That’s all right. The trip this time is for my training. I should be treated as an adventurer.”

That’s a great face she has. She’s saying that it’s fine to treat her as an adventurer, well that’s alright, I think.

“Great. Everyone, there is no need for honorifics. From now on, Francesca is one of our travelling companions. Let’s us be friendly.”

There is no use to talk about it more since it has been decided. I’ll just accept.

From now on, if she obediently listens to what I said, I’m sure there will be no problem during this trip.

“Once again, nice working with you.”

“I believe calling you Francesca is too long. How about I call you Fran from now?”

“You, suddenly saying that like it’s an easy thing……”

This trip is going to be a long one. Minding my position too much, and it turns into a hassle.

“Then let’s return to treating you back like a princess, hmm? Princess Francesca.”

“……Fran is it, then.”

“That concluded it. Ellie, let’s reconfirm the schedule for tomorrow.”

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